1. How long does a typical installation take?

    There is no fixed time that we can give, but a typical straightforward installation should not take more than half an hour. In more complex cases when we need to remove the existing TV, do connections, run wires etc, the installation may drag to up to 2 hours.

  2. Is the installation safe and secure?

    We are an ISO 9001 certified company, the only TV installation company in Singapore with this certificate and possess more than 10 years of experience in this industry. Our installation process has also been verified by HILTI Singapore with our company using only wall plugs from them. We are also the official TV installation partner for Philips, Sony and Samsung. All our installers go through a mandatory 1 month orientation course before they are allowed to do any installations for customers. We also have a 3 year warranty for our workmanship. Therefore, rest assured that your installation is in safe hands.

  3. What are the benefits of mounting a TV?

    Mounting the TV on the wall has several advantages. Firstly, it saves the hassle of having to purchase an additional console. This will allow your home to be much bigger. Secondly, there will not be the risk of having you’re the TV accidentally toppling over due to negligence as we ensure that your TVs are fastened to the bracket. Lastly, the array of brackets on offer from tilting to swivel types means that you have an additional dimension to the possible viewing angles in your home!

  4. I made an appointment to install my TV. However, I need to cancel it, Are there any charges?

    No. We do not have fees for any last minute cancellation as we understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise.

  5. I realise that my TV is not straight/slanted after the installation. Will there be any extra charges for a follow up call?

    In such scenarios, we will arrange a FOC follow up call to your place to check the bracket and TV and see what needs to be rectified and adjust accordingly. Thus, we will not charge any fees.

  6. Does the brackets have any warranty?

    Yes. All our products and workmanship comes with 3 years international warranty.

  7. What kind of walls are suitable for mounting?

    We have certain requirements before we mount on walls like partition walls. Please click here to view our table.

  8. I need a more specific timing for installation slot. Can it be arranged?

    Unfortunately, we are unable to give a specific time due to the nature of our job, in which many type of circumstances may arise like traffic jams, accidents etc. We do not want to over promise our customers and give you a specific time only to fail to meet it. As such, we always recommend 3 hour time frame in order to ensure minimal disruption.

Refund Policy


Return/refund of products must be done within seven (7) working days starting from the day the goods is received. You are allowed to return your goods due to the following circumstance(s):

  1. Product does not match the required specifications or descriptions.
  2. Item is damaged or defective upon delivery of goods.
  3. The wrong item has been delivered.

Upon fulfilling either one of the circumstances above, we will be able to process a refund. However, the following requirements have to be met:

  1. Original receipt/proof of purchase has to be presented.
  2. Goods must be in new condition in its original packaging with all existing accessories (manual, screws etc) intact.
  3. Sealed items in the packaging cannot be opened. If in any case the sealed items are opened (i.e packets of screws), we reserve the right to reject the return/refund on a case by case basis.

Administrative charge of 4% will be imposed for refund cases.

If the above conditions are met, please have your item and invoice ready and proceed to our showroom at No. 1 Tampines North Drive 1, #04-41 T-Space, Singapore 528559 for the process of your return/refund. We will only refund the amount paid for the item. The delivery fee (if applicable) is non-refundable.

Terms and Conditions


  1. Configuration of personal TV personality, features, pictures setting & sound are not inclusive.
  2. Installations of non-existing AV / Audio equipments are not inclusive unless stated otherwise. However, the installer will connect back the existing wiring from the old TV as before if any, at the TV mounting location.
  3. Wall-mounting of the TV of any size is limited to a height of 180cm from the BOTTOM of the TV. Additional charges apply if the height limit is exceeded as follows:
    181cm to 220cm from BOTTOM of the TV – Additional $20.
    221cm to 260cm from BOTTOM of the TV – Additional $40.
    261cm to 300cm from BOTTOM of the TV – Additional $60.
  4. Please sign at the remarks column if any additional charges paid. GST not inclusive. 2ND Time visit to customers place for readjustment of height will be subjected to additional charges at minimum rate of $50 and above.
  5. Should there be any damages to any electrical wiring concealed in the wall during installation, we will not be liable for compensation unless customers inform us before we install. This is applicable to ALL government HDB flats as concealing of wirings in walls of HDB are not allowed. For any private properties, we will scan the wall with our metal detector scanner to check for any hidden wires, cables and water pipes behind the wall.
  6. All installations done by Sg Bros comes with 3 years warranty. We will inspect the situation on site for the durability of your walls. We reserve the rights not to mount the TV pertaining to warranty issues according to our protocol. However, no installation or transport charges will be imposed if no work is done.
  7. In the case where we hook up to your existing bracket which was previously mounted by another party, we will not be responsible for any damage caused to the TV which is due to the failings of the customer’s own bracket or the workmanship involved to mount the bracket.
  8. There will be no warranty for drilling on any material except concrete, wood and standard gypsum or partition boards which is been certified to be safe to be drilled on as per TITAN’s ISO standards.
  9. For marble, tile or granite walls, there will be no warranty for cracks or breakage. However, we will still provide the service to drill and mount the bracket on these walls with an additional charge of $60 due to specific equipment like diamond drill and additional time taken. In the event where the customer drill the holes on such walls on their own and will only require us to secure the bracket on the wall with our screws, there will also be no warranty against any cracks of breakage when fastening the screws.
  10. For concrete walls, there might be circumstances whereby the drilling and trembling of our drill causes slight cracks or peel off due to the age and built of the wall. SG bros will touch up the walls out of good will using putty, inclusive of WHITE wall paint touch up services on the affected areas.
  11. Disposal of TV will be complimentary when installation services are hired. However, CRT models, projection models and any TV size above 70” will be subjected to a minimum of $50 disposal charge unless stated otherwise.

Privacy Policy


The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) protects your data while our organization uses your data reasonably to serve you. We, TITAN Brackets Singapore, authorised service provider, respect and keep our client’s customer’s personal data safe by:

  • Limiting access on a need-to-know basis to only team leaders & on-the-job staffs who are involved in the delivery process to all our client’s customer;
  • Ensuring only the appropriate amount of the clients’ customer’s personal data is accessed for processing;
  • Implementing an intended mode of delivery or transmission of personal data that affords the appropriate level of security;
  • Conducting regular checks to ensure that client’s customer’s personal data is only accessible by authorized persons.

We will cease to retain all documents containing clients’ customer’s personal data as long as it is reasonable to assume that the purpose for which that personal data was collected no longer being served by retention of the personal data, and the retention no longer necessary for legal or business purposes.

We will review client’s customer personal data on a regular basis to determine if that client’s customer’s personal data is still needed.

We cease to retain documents containing client’s customer personal data by:

  • Returning all signed delivery order/jobs to client
  • Destroying the documents appropriately on the instructions of our client
  • Anonymising the personal data

Please be assured that our client’s entire customer’s personal data collected, used or disclosed are protected as required under PDPA.

Proof Of Warranty